About Our Cuisine


If you’re fascinated by Asian flavours then our cuisine is going to thrill you !

We consistently receive compliments like this one from Caroline (UK), August 2014’

“Your house staff are truly amazing and a credit to you. 

The food we have had here has been the best in Bali so far.”

So, come stay with us and discover the flavours of East Bali.

We specialise in creating multi-course menus for special celebrations, intimate dinners and parties for up to 60 guests.

In East Bali the word we use is ‘Megibung’ –  a selection of zesty dishes piled high on bamboo platters. In the remainder of Indonesia it is called after the Dutch ‘Rijstaffel’ or rice table http://russianbridesdating.net/.

The secret is always the ground spice mixture called Bali Bumbu … each housewife will have her own recipe, but ours comes direct from executive Chef Dewa Ardika, and is full of subtle additions you won’t necessarily find in village renditions.

The spices and sauces are patiently ground using a stone ‘ulukan’(mortar and pestle), and meals  are traditionally served on platters of bamboo and banana leaves.

Of course, not all the food is spicy, and you can order it prepared to just thel evel of spiciness you enjoy .. in fact the pleasure is not in the ‘heat’ but the complexity of flavours – lemongrass, galangal, ginger, Bali lime, coriander,  to name just a few!

Please contact us if you’d like further details about our cuisine

pakdewaABOUT CHEF DEWA was born at Amlapura ,the regency capital of the East Bali province of Karangasem. He worked as a cook until 1997, an then graduated to chef at the Mimpi Hotel in Tulamben, followed by 4 years working as a chef on the celebrity cruise line. For two years Dewa worked with Australian company Gloria Jeans Coffee before moving to the 5-star resort Alila Mangiss hotel as Executive Sous Chef. He is currently Executive Chef with the Royal Karma group.

Chef Dewa Ardika is the executive chef at Villa Nilaya Bali Beach

What Our Retreat Guests Say

Penny R, Perth

Penny R, Perth

” From me – a BIG  thank you to Anna – who makes this great week possible.  Nothing is too much trouble for Anna – which makes this a special week for all those who attend.

And thank you to Cate – who makes sure we all get some personal art attention and create something we never thought we could do…

And thank you to Erin who- well –  is just the most amazing yoga teacher EVER!

It was my second time on the art and yoga retreat and I have already booked myself and my daughter Claire for next year! “

Kathy M, Perth

Kathy M, Perth

” Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat. As always I came away with wonderful memories, creative juices oozing ,new friends and an overflowing  sense of well being . Oh and a grateful body! “

Michel L, Perth

Michel L, Perth

” It was a wonderful week in Bali. Thank you for sharing your beautiful villa – it is an amazing building in a fantastic location.  The view from the yoga deck and the ocean waves are truly memorable.  I should have been focusing of the breath, but was often distracted by the views.   Cate and Erin were truly inspirational teachers.  I hope to find some time to practice both yoga and painting. “