Paradise in Paradise

After a long trip in Java, we were looking forward to 4 nights of relaxing bliss in Bali… we arrived and were greeted by Wayan, Ketut and Tini.. .and in entering the villa, we were hit with the beauty of the place.
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The next day we awoke to the serenity of the place and the gentle waves in the bay in front of us… (the snorkelling there is great).

The villa was well kitted with 3 bedrooms and had no doors to the expanse of the view of the ocean.. the massages that Ketut and Tini gave were excellent.. the food they prepared is excellent – the mee goreng is still in my memory.

Moving around from the villa is convenient and arranging for tours is easy. I would not hesitate to recommend this villa.

Did we leave refreshed and re-engergised – absolutely!

Villa Nilaya, Candidasa, a piece of paradise in North East Bali

Villa Nilaya, Candidasa, a piece of paradise in North East Bali

HarryIsra Perth, Australia

Amazing, stunning, wonderful, fantastic, words do not do justice to my 6 day stay at Villa Nilaya.
As I first walked through the front entrance I was prepared for something special but was amazed at the beauty of the Villa, it exceeded my expectations.
The open design, expansive rooms, clean lines, the beautiful works of art and ornaments, this is Bali at its best.

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