Ahhh…tropical paradise

From the moment you arrive at Villa Nilaya Bali your first impression is the majestic entrance where the seascape invites you through the cleverly designed spaces…always true to the Balinese style, but tantalizingly flavoured with other worlds – the outdoor ‘Moroccan’ bathroom,
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treasures from India spontaneously placed to entice and delight, and everywhere, original paintings reflecting the owner’s professional life as curator and gallerist.

The effortlessly stylish marriage of traditional Balinese and contemporary minimalism is reflected in the relaxed elegance of the comfortable furnishings.

Villa Nilaya Bali is a perfect place to practice yoga, where fresh sea breezes and stunning views contribute to create this haven of ‘ Spaciousness’ – a wondrous place to loose oneself in – where the interior and exterior meld and merge.

It is the perfect tropical romantic villa springing from the wild imaginings of a designer whose own creativity and curiosity is reflected in so many subtle ways.

We loved the emphasis on authentic East Balinese cuisine and the many insights into the uniqueness of east Balinese culture which the staff and owner are always pleased to share.

Definitely returning

Villa Nilaya, Candidasa, a piece of paradise in North East Bali

Villa Nilaya, Candidasa, a piece of paradise in North East Bali

HarryIsra Perth, Australia

Amazing, stunning, wonderful, fantastic, words do not do justice to my 6 day stay at Villa Nilaya.
As I first walked through the front entrance I was prepared for something special but was amazed at the beauty of the Villa, it exceeded my expectations.
The open design, expansive rooms, clean lines, the beautiful works of art and ornaments, this is Bali at its best.

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